IDENTIFY YOUR BUSINESS. Every business needs a mark or symbol that identifies the organization—a logo. The word logo is derived from the Greek word “logos” which literally means word. A logo can be an artistic rendering, unique type treatment, graphic element or a type and graphic combination.


The process of creating a business identity requires clear objectives from the client. A logo is one of the most spirited interactions, because the logo defines the visual DNA of the business—how it fits into, and is perceived in the marketplace. Designing the logo requires the designer to understand the market, the competition, the audience and the business goals of the owner.


Logos are designed for many uses, such as promotional items, advertising, booth graphics, garments, brochures, and stationery. The designer needs to understand all the possible applications where the logo will be placed. For example, if the main application for the logo will be on a tall, narrow bottle, a long horizontal treatment may make the logo illegible.


Always take the time to clarify your goals, preferences and vision before getting the designer started. If clients search the Internet for samples they like and provide those to us, the first set of designs is usually closer to their vision. Preliminary research and thinking will save time and money.

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