I enjoy working with small business owners and marketing managers. One of the main reasons I choose to work with smaller businesses is the personal contact and relationships developed in the course of working together. They truly care about their business, because they have so much invested into the success of their endeavor. Plus, the owners and marketing managers know their company and their needs very well.


The second reason I enjoy working with smaller businesses is they, as a segment of the business community, are striving to provide a high level of quality and value at a reasonable and fair price and that is where we have positioned our services as well.


Some businesses achieve this through volume. We achieve a high level of quality through years of experience and the ability to listen to the capabilities and needs of each client and not ever taking a “one size fits all” approach to meeting those needs.


There is never any substitute for years of experience. What we have gained and learned can never be taught in an institutional setting. It can only be gained through trial and error. This is one reason we don’t waste a client’s time and money on marketing and design directions that do not fit there market or budget constraints. Our experience is one aspect of our value, the other is price.


We achieve a reasonable and fair price partly by location. The bottom line is that we live in Montana and have very low overhead. Compare this to the design studios and agencies that are located in the large metropolitan areas of the country. Much of the cost is based on the huge overhead for office space, employee benefits and cost of living in those areas.


The third reason we choose smaller businesses is there are more of them.


As you know, being in business for yourself is hard work and long hours. We like to make that commitment as enjoyable as possible. I hope you make us a part of your team. Your business deserves quality at a fair price.








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