DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR THE OCCASION. Packaging is the art of dressing your product to stand out and have a unique presence on the retail shelf. That shelf may reside on a website as well, but the professional appearance of your product still has the same requirements.


My father taught at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles for over 30 years. One part of his course he used to compare samples of packaging from United States and Russia. He would start buy displaying gorgeous package design from some of the premier agencies in Los Angeles. After an awe inspiring half hour taking in some of the best design in the world, he would bring out Communist Russia packaging. They were mainly bleak cardboard boxes with stenciled letters. The contrast was startling and made his point. Our competitive free market generates the greatest amount of creativity and individual ingenuity.


Your product needs to communicate and sell in a very limited space, which necessitates expertise in design and knowledge of your market. This gets even more difficult in the marketplace of nutritional supplements, where the FDA guidelines are very strict regarding statements and facts.


Most of the packaging we create are rebranding projects. We take an existing product package and create a more professional appearance and presentation to increase sales and customer loyalty.

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