EVERYONE HAS A STORY.  Everyone has at least one great story to tell. That story should be turned into a published book so others may benefit. It goes without saying—that book needs to be designed by a professional to create the greatest impact and reach as many people as possible.


I love reading learning and spending time in bookstores just looking, holding and smelling. I study the design of covers and interiors to determine what makes them special, unique and readable. Maybe books and reading have become important to me because I was so poor at reading while growing up. Poor marks in reading and English seemed to follow me until I was twenty when I read my first book. A contributing factor to this aversion to reading was an undiagnosed case of dyslexia and the need for glasses.


I think the cliché about not judging a book by its cover originated when books did not have attractive covers. I am referring to the period when books were just a hard leather cover and letters for a title. (Yes, I know this cliché refers to people.) Today, people are judging book covers all day long by their attraction to them. It is the skill of artists, publishers and designers to be the match makers between authors and readers.


Not only the cover, but also the interior needs to be easy to read and compliment the subject matter. Together they create the complete reading experience. Today many authors are self published and the majority are poorly designed inside and out. This is always to save money, but this strategy can lose money in the long run from a lack of sales. A book well written deserves a presentation well designed to enhance the buyers reading experience.

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