We have won 23 awards for design excellence over the past fifteen years. Most are displayed in the portfolio section of this site.



So what qualifies a great design to win an award? After analyzing this question in my earlier years of design I have come up with reasons that are within our control and some totally outside our control.


Reasons within our control include the following.

1. Overall look of the design. Does it attract attention through beauty, uniqueness, message, size, paper, contrast and color.


2. Excellent photography or illustrations. Years ago photography was expensive and the big boys were the only ones who could afford the cost. Today, with the Internet, access to abundant good to excellent images are readily available to the client and experienced designer. It only takes the time and imagination to find the right image or combination of images. If you have a product, please have a professional take the photo so the lighting and quality are well managed.


3. Excellent copy writing. People just don’t look at your materials, they also read your message and sales pitch. Well written copy gets higher points. Even though this should be obvious, the grammar, punctuation and word use need to be accurate.


4. Humor. When appropriate humor is a wonderful way to get judges to be favorable towards your work. I have seen on occasion when two entries had award winning qualities, but the humorous entry won, mainly because it made you smile or chuckle.


Reasons totally outside our control.

1. Who are the judges. This does make a huge difference. Each contest has different judges and the same contests will change the judges every year. One year your work would win an award and the next year a similar entry would not.


2. Another agency has a better design. There are many categories in which one can enter designs. Sometime yours is the best sometime someone else is better.


3. Luck. When points one and two are in you favor you have the greatest chance of winning. I rarely see designs in an award show that are not excellence. It is rather the right subject and design with the right combinations of judges.


I love awards as much as the next studio. It always brings you back to the awareness that we are proving an excellent product for our clients. However, what truly does matter to us is that our clients are happy and the work we do achieves the goal of increased sales and professionalism for our clientèle.

This series of eight books won an
award for excellence for cover and
interior design.








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