I grew up in a family dedicated to the communication arts. The publication by that name was always on the living room table. My father taught the printing trade at Pasadena City College for 30 years and at Art Center College of Design for 40 years. The conversation at the dinner table was always about how great printing was.


Neither I nor my two brothers had any desire to enter the printing trade, but our father had tremendous influence and eventually all three of us finally ended up working in various aspects of the trade. I have performed every skill except for operating a printing press—from setting type, to preparing work for the presses and everything in between. That experience helped me develop a skill for precision, color and attention to detail.


In the early 1990’s, with the rise of personal computers and the MAC, I could see the handwriting on the wall—all the skills I had developed were going to be eliminated. It was at that time I bought my own MAC and software and started teaching myself how to use the computer. I also started to take on basic design work.


Because of my in depth knowledge of the printing industry, I began working for some very good designers. That factor, plus the long history of working with some of the best designers in Los Angeles while in the printing industry and the three and a half years of teaching night classes to designers at Art Center College of Design, gave me a deep appreciation and discerning eye for great design and visual communication.


In the early years of my design career I felt the need to prove myself, develop my unique position and style, and measure my abilities against the best in the industry. I self studied, read and entered design contests. After winning various awards, I discovered that my clients and future clients were not that interested in awards. They were more interested in the market results of design, great service, fair pricing, timeliness and honesty.


Since that revelation I have always been client centered—listening to their needs and goals and gearing my design process accordingly. As the old adage goes, “the customer is always right”. I have found very few times when they were wrong. And when I see they are headed in the wrong direction I let them know upfront before we get started. I look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals.


The part I enjoy most about my work is collaborating with great people to accomplish their business marketing needs.

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